Shamoyan Romy Faizovich

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Автор Название Формат
Shamoyan Romy Faizovich On decriptions of closed ideals of analytic Area Nevanlinna type classes in a circular ring on a complex plane C Документ PDF 2012 
Shamoyan Romy Faizovich,
Kurilenko Sergey M.
On extremal problems in tubular domains over symmetric cones Документ PDF 2014 
Shamoyan Romy Faizovich On some extremal problems in certain harmonic function spaces of several variables related to mixed norm spaces Документ PDF 2013 
Shamoyan Romy Faizovich,
Kurilenko S. M.
On traces of analytic herz and block type spaces in bounded strongly pseudoconvex domains in Cn Документ PDF 2015 

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