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Moosavi B., Moradi H. R., Shah Hosseini M. 
Further results on Jensen-type inequalities
В этой статье устанавливаются некоторые неравенства типа Йенсена для непрерывных функций самосопряженных операторов в комплексных гильбертовых пространствах.
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Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis. 2019. Т. 8 (26). № 3
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Approximation properties of some discrete Fourier sums for piecewise smooth discontinuous functions
Constructive description of function classes on surfaces in R^3 and R^4
Connection formulas and representations of Laguerre polynomials in terms of the action of linear differential operators
Green energy and extremal decompositions
The limiting amplitude principle for the nonlinear Lamb system
On the necessary and sufficient conditions for the measurability of a positive sequence
On solvability of the boundary value problems for harmonic function on noncompact Riemannian manifolds
Integral representations for the Jacobi - Pineiro polynomials and the functions of the second kind
Geometric meaning of the interpolation conditions in the class of functions of finite order in the half-plane
Proof of a conjecture on Nielsen's бета-function
Further results on Jensen-type inequalities
A note on a two-parameter family of operators A{b;c} on weighted Bergman spaces
On hybrid interior ideals in semigroups
On the compactness of one class of quasiconformal mappings
The Jacobian conjecture: structure of Keller mappings
On the convergence of the least square method in case of non-uniform grids
Double cosine-sine series and Nikol’skii classes in uniform metric

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Описание документа
Moosavi B. Further results on Jensen-type inequalities / B. Moosavi, H. R. Moradi, M. Shah Hosseini. — DOI 10.15393/j3.art.2019.6350. — Текст : электронный // Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis : научный журнал. — 2019. — Т. 8 (26), № 3. — С.112-124. — URL: https://elibrary.karelia.ru/book.shtml?id=48441 (дата обращения 07.02.2023)
Издатель: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Copyright: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Место издания: Петрозаводск

Год издания:2019

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