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Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis. 2018. Т. 7 (25). № 2
научный журнал
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On the almost periodic at infinity functions from homogeneous spaces
Generalized resolvents of operators generated by integral equation
On contiguity relations for generalized hypergeometric functions
Generic lightlike submanifolds of an indefinite Kauhler manifold with a semi-symmetric non-metric connection
Regularity and sensitivity for McKean-Vlasov type SPDEs generated by stable-like processes
Reduced p-modulus, p-harmonic radius and p-harmonic green's mappings
Families of elliptic functions and uniformization of complex tory with a unique point over infinity
Inequalities via generalized h-convex functions
Injectivity of sections of close-to-convex harvonic mappings with functions convex in one direction as analytic part
N-fractional calculus operator method to the Euler equation

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Описание документа
Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis : научный журнал / Петрозав. гос. ун-т ; гл. ред. В. В. Старков. — Петрозаводск, 2018. — Т. 7 (25), № 2. — 152 с. — ISSN 2306-3424. — Текст : электронный. — URL: https://elibrary.karelia.ru/book.shtml?id=49643 (дата обращения 20.03.2023)
Издатель: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Copyright: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Место издания: Петрозаводск

Год издания:2018

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