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Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis. 2018. Т. 7 (25). Special Issue
: научный журнал
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On the heat integral identity for unbounded functions
On entire functions with given asymptotic behavior
Solvability homogeneous Rieman-Hilbert boundary value problem with several points of turbulence
Beltrami equations revisited: Marcinkiewicz exponents and Painleve-type theorem
On the problem of determining parameters in the Schwarts equation
On approximation of the rational functions, whose integral is single-valued on C, by differences of simplest fractions
Singular points for the sum of a series of exponential monomials
On convergence of mappings with k-finite distortion
On solvability of the boundary value problems for the inhomogeneous elliptic equations on noncompact Riemannian manifolds
The interpolation problem in the spaces of analytical functions of finite order in the half-plane
Symmetric representations of holomorphic functions
Elementary solutions of a homogeneous q-sided convolution equation
One case of extended boundary value problem of the membrane theory of convex shells by I. N. Vekua

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Описание документа
Проблемы анализа = Issues of Analysis : научный журнал / Петрозаводский государственный университет ; главный редактор В. В. Старков. — Петрозаводск, 2018. — Т. 7 (25), Special Issue. — 162 с. — ISSN 2306-3424. — Текст : электронный. — URL: https://elibrary.karelia.ru/book.shtml?id=49735 (дата обращения 31.03.2023)
Издатель: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Copyright: Петрозаводский государственный университет

Место издания: Петрозаводск

Год издания:2018

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