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The Academic Library of PetrSU (1 category) is one of the largest in Republic Karelia. It was founded in 1940. In collection there are 1 384 852 holdings, including 248 959. journals in collection. Scientific literature - 46,4 % of the collection Course books - 44,9 % of collection
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Electronic catalogue

One of the main goals of the library is to reflect more effecterly in the catalogues information about library collection. Automation processes in the library began with creating electronic catalogue in 1992.

Today e-catalogue numbers more than 4 164 691 bibliographic entries

E-catalogue contains bibliographic information of all acquisitions to the library including microforms, sound recording, videos and others media, special editions such as abstracts of dissertations (of those scholars who defended thesises and work at PetrSU), reports of SIA ( Scientific - Investigation activity).

Scientific Library shares the work on electronic catalogues with the largest libraries of Petrozavodsk: Scientific Library of the Karelian Scientific Center, National Library of Karelia, Republican Youth Library. These Libraries together create electronic catalogue of articles dealing with politics, social sciences, humanities. For this catalogue 120 journals from the main field of knowledge are chosen: history, law, linguistics, literary science, bibliography, psychology, economics, philosophy, including children's literature.

E-catalogue grows approximately by 2000 entries per month.

Web-site is created in 1997,

new version is created
with the support of
National Training Foundation
in 2004


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