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The Academic Library of PetrSU (1 category) is one of the largest in Republic Karelia. It was founded in 1940. In collection there are 1 384 852 holdings, including 248 959. journals in collection. Scientific literature - 46,4 % of the collection Course books - 44,9 % of collection
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Historical information

Scientific Library of Petrozavodsk State University was founded on the basis of the Library of Karelian Pedogogical Institute, in 1940. During the World War II the bookstock (60000 items) was destroyed together with the building. Immediately after returning the University from evacuation, the revival of the Library began.

The staff of 3 persons: director Kodlubovskaya O. A., librarians Dobrokchotova Z. N., and Yarvinen L. M. with the help of students and teachers got books, which escaped destruction, from the basement of destroyed building of the University. They began to create catalogues and organized the work of loan departments.

In 1945 Soviet Narodnich Comissarov (Soviet of People's Comissars) financed acquisition of the books. Thanks for this action, the bookstock was to a considerable extent, replenished with valuable prewar editions from Leningrad second-hand bookshops. Besides, a great help in renovation of the bookstock was given by the State Fund of Russian Federation and Higher Institutions of Leningrad, Tartu and other towns. The scientists of the University donated books from their private collections to the library. Among them Bubrich D.V., Gerd S.V., Veselov E. A., Mitropolskiy K.D., Popov Y.V., Toiykka M.A., Udartseva M.Y. and others. By 1947 the collection of the library had grown up to 55 vls. In 1947 the library had got the right to get the chargeable legal copy from the Central Library in Moscow. From now on the acquisition of the books became systematic.

In 1948 the Library began to establish exchange of literature (including University editions) with libraries of Higher Institutions of the country (Soviet Union).

Now Scientific Library of PetrSU is one of the largest in Republic Karelia. The collection of the Library today is 1 435 426 holdings, including 280 913 - literature in foreign languages. Besides printed materials it contains microforms, CD-roms, tapes and other media.

Our print collection grows by approximately 40000 volumes per year. Considerable part of new acquisitions is donations. In 1965 in the new building of the Medical faculty the Department library with the area for bookstock on 100000 volumes, reading hall on 120 seats and loan department was opened.

In 1979 there was opened loan department for course books in the building of Economical faculty. From 1992 on Scientific Library of PetrSU is introducing automation into its work. First, for creating electronic catalogue there was established automatic information Library System (AILS) "MARC" (Scientific Industrial Union (SIO) "Informsystem").

Since 1995 the local net is functioning in the library and it is linked with the UniversityNET containing more than 300 stations. The Scientific Library under the guidance of the Regional Center of New Information Technologies has been participating in adopting of new electronic system "Foliant".

The Scientific Library is one of the leading departments of the University. Its first mission is to support research, teaching and studies carried on at Petrozavodsk University.

The Scientific Library is the Methodological Center for the libraries of Higher Institutions and Colleges of Republic Karelia. Common methodological guidance to the Scientific Library of PetrSU is conducted by the Central Information Library Committee of the Ministry of Common Professional Education in Moscow.

The staff of the library had grown from 3 persons in 1947 to 80 in 2007.

For 35 years, from 1950 to 1985, the Director of the Library was Vera S. Klodt. She has rendered great services to the University Library. She did her best to make the University Library one of the most popular cultural institutions in Petrozavodsk.
From 1985 the Director of the University Library is Marina P. Otlivanchik.

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