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The Academic Library of PetrSU (1 category) is one of the largest in Republic Karelia. It was founded in 1940. In collection there are 1 384 852 holdings, including 248 959. journals in collection. Scientific literature - 46,4 % of the collection Course books - 44,9 % of collection
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Academic Library of PetrSU is the Methodological Center for the libraries of Higher Institutions and Colleges of Republic Karelia (methodological association includes 20 libraries).

  • Library of North Scientific - Investigation Institute of Fish-Farming (Petrozavodsk)
  • Karelian Regional Institute of Management, Economics and Law of the Petrozavodsk State University under the Goverment of the Republic of Karelia
  • Library of Kola's Branch of PetrSU (Apatity, Murmanskaya Oblast)

Library Soviet of PetrSU

It consists of representatives from all faculties of PetrSU.
The Chairman - Andreye I. Kunilskye - Sinior Lecture of literature Department

Methodological Soviet

Members of the Soviet - heads of the Library departments. The Chairman of the Soviet Lidia V. Kovalevskaia Associate Director.

Methodological Association of the Libraries of Higher Institutions and Colleges of Republic Karelia.
The Chairman - Marina P. Otlivanchik - Director of Scientific Library.

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Academic library
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